About Us

For the past 19 years in business we have been grateful to be a connecting link to your special life events, our work grew into true passion to inspire and make you happy. Just entering this platform as of summer 2022 with a confidence from past experiences and feedbacks to offer you the best service and products in jewelry market. We make it all from scratch - design to final polish. We can reuse your gold and gems to make a new piece of art if you have a heirloom, sentimental or other jewelry, or can create a brand new jewelry that will match your likes and imagination. We will be working with you closely by sharing the progress of making of your jewelry from 3 CAD design to gems and final look. We can work in person or remotely, we can zoom, speak on the phone or chat via messages. Anything fine jewelry related is possible here with us!

With best regards Sona Rafayel & our dedicated Jewelers team