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Unique 2mm Plain Twist Band Made with 18k Yellow and Platinum Wire

Unique 2mm Plain Twist Band Made with 18k Yellow and Platinum Wire

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Material: 18K Solid Gold and Platinum
Finishing: High Polished/ Shiny
Fit: Comfort
Width: 2 mm
Height: 2 mm

We custom make all our jewelry here in our studio, so if you'll happen to need other dimensions, sizes or designs, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request.
We guarantee the Quality of our Workmanship and every 6 months offer our Free service with your Purchase of this Ring.
Service includes: Cleaning and Polishing.

The Ring comes in a Box.

Band has a rich history, full of tradition and symbolism:
Around 3,000 years ago ancient Egyptians couples exchanged braided rings of reeds and hemp to one another. The Egyptians believed that infinite shape of a ring symbolized the eternity of love.
Roman’s continued that tradition, but their elite upper class used metal, often iron wedding bands. The symbolism also changed with the band, now representing strength and possession.
Around the year 860, Christian wedding ceremonies began adopting the practice of using wedding bands and around the 13th century bands got a more spiritual meaning and were referred to as a “symbol of the union of hearts.”
As far back as the Egyptians it is believed that the fourth finger, or the ring finger, has a vein that runs directly to the heart. The Romans called this the ‘Vena Amoris’ meaning the ‘Vein of Love.’ Therefore, it only makes sense that a ring, as symbolic as a wedding band, would be worn on this finger.

Today’s bride has many choices, from simple wedding bands to ornate hand engraved floral wedding bands.
The only requirement today is to buy something you will love!

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